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How to apply for international students

Online Enrolment Portal

JPIC Enroller provides secure and convenient access to education agencies and parents, 24/7 availability, and streamlined processes that work on all devices. Enrolment Portal - Click to start

International Enrolment Procedures

The JPIC Enrolment Portal provides a user-friendly platform for agents to complete the application process entirely online, enabling them to track their students' progress in real-time.

The Enrolment Portal also facilitates the exchange of documents between agents and the college, making it a centralized and secure location for all necessary information.

Please note that Temporary Resident visa holders (e.g. 188) should not apply through the JPIC Enrolment Portal. Please continue through the JPC domestic application process.


What you need at the APPLY stage:

  1. Applicant details
    • Certified copy of current passport or birth certificate
    • Certified copies and translated academic reports for the last two years
    • Evidence of English language proficiency (if available)
    • Specialist reports or academic references (if available)
    • Photo of the student
    • Photo of the family
  2. Primary caregiver & contact details
  3. Medical and Insurance Information
  4. Learning and General Information
  5. Accommodation Details (e.g. homestay, boarding or living with relative)
  6. Application fee payment

Agents have the option to 'Share Application' with a parent at this stage. If agents choose to do this, parents can either enter the above information themselves or check the details the agent has entered. Sharing the application will also allow parents to pay the application fee directly through the portal if they prefer not to give agents credit card details.

At the end of this stage, agents can download the JPIC Enrolment Application: Terms and Conditions pdf for parents to sign. The entire completed application can also be downloaded.


In the Eligibility stage:

  • JPIC will assess the student's report cards from the last two years and any English language proficiency certificates
  • JPIC will provide interview time options with a link for the interview
  • JPIC will also provide a link for the student to sign up to JPIC Academy and complete the 'JPIC Interview Course'

Links are sent to the agent who then forwards these to students/parents


In the OFFER stage:

JPIC Issue:

  • a Letter of Offer
  • a Written Agreement

These documents are based on the information in the 1. Apply stage, so agents should make sure this information is correct to avoid any delays.

Once JPIC sends the Written Agreement through the Portal, agents can send the document to parents for signing. Agents then upload the full signed documents back to the Portal.


In the VISA stage:

JPIC Issue

  • CoE(s)
  • CAAW (if applicable)

Agents will need to provide a copy of the student's visa notification

Agents will then use this stage to inform JPIC of the student's visa status e.g. the student has received his/her visa. JPIC generally needs this visa information before proceeding to the 5. Pre arrival stage.


In Pre-Arrival stage:

  • Agents provide the student's OSHC certificate/details if they arranged it
  • JPIC provide the student's OSHC certificate/details if we arranged it
  • Agents provide JPIC with a copy of the student's e-ticket detailing travel to Brisbane or Gold Coast airport
  • Agents provide information about airport pickup arrangements or confirm that the College should arrange this.
  • JPIC will provide accommodation details (e.g. homestay profile) if applicable

Fee Schedules

Fetching fee data...

*All fees are quoted in Australian Dollars, are current at the time of printing and may be subject to changes. If the tuition fees are increased you will be required to pay the new fees as they are updated.

Tuition fees for the school year are charged in two (2) installment in January and July and are payable within 14 days of billing.

GST: Most of the College's fees and charges are not subject to the Goods and Services Tax [GST]. Any GST included in charges is specifically identified on the account when rendered.

Students will not be permitted to commence or continue their course at the beginning of any term until all outstanding fees, charges or accounts are paid. No certificates/reports will be issued where a student has an outstanding debt owing to the College


Entry Requirements

An enrolment is determined through a combination of English results, school reports and the interview.

Students who do not meet direct entry requirements for John Paul College can study English with John Paul International College. 

In addition to the English language and Academic Requirements below, international students are required to have an interview with the relevant Head of School. 

Completing the JPIC Academy - Interview Course will give students insight into the interview process.

Students' High School English listening and reading skills can be checked via the JPIC Academy - JPIC High School Preparation Test Series.

Direct Entry to John Paul College

The relevant Head of School may decide to accept an international student even if the Academic and English Language Requirements are not met.

Academic Requirements

John Paul College Courses
Academic Requirements
Senior Secondary (Year 11 and 12) (CRICOS: 004885C)The College does not currently have a direct intake into Year 12.
Junior Secondary Years 7 to 10 (CRICOS: 082662E) Applicants must demonstrate they have passed all core subjects in their previous two years of schooling.

The College does not currently have a direct intake into Term 4 of Year 10.
Primary School Year 2 to Year 6 (CRICOS: 010139J)Applicants must demonstrate they have passed all core subjects in their previous two years of schooling.
Primary School Prep and Year 1 (CRICOS: 010139J)There are no formal academic requirements.

English Language Requirements

John Paul College Year Levels
CEFRAEASCambridge for SchoolIELTS
Senior Secondary Year 11 and Year 12
Junior Secondary Year 10
C175+ (SS Test)B2 First for Schools: Grade A6.5+
Junior Secondary Year 9
B2+75+ (MS Test)B2 First for Schools: Grade B6+
Junior Secondary Year 7 and 8 
B1+70+ (MS Test)B1 Preliminary for Schools: Merit / Grade B5.5+
Primary School Year 5 and 6
B145+ (PS Test)A2 Flyers 5 Shields in each skillN/A
Primary School Year 4
B140+ (PS Test)A2 Flyers 4 Shields in each skillN/A
Primary School Year 3
35+ (PS Test)
A1 Movers 5 Shields in each skillN/A
Primary School Prep - Year 2
At the discretion of the Head of Primary School

International Primary Preparation and High School Preparation

Students who do not meet direct entry requirements can study English with John Paul International College. The table below is a guideline of English language levels at John Paul International College. Students do not need a result from the below institution to apply.

Academic Requirements

John Paul International College Courses
Academic Requirements
High School Preparation Course (HSPC) (CRICOS: 0100089)Applicants must demonstrate they have passed all core subjects in their previous two years of schooling.
International Primary Preparation Course (IPPC)(CRICOS: 049712G)Applicants must demonstrate they have passed all core subjects in their previous two years of schooling.

English Language Requirements

John Paul International College LevelsCEFRCambridge for School
HSPC Level 5
Transition Year 9 and Year 10
B1+B2 First for Schools: Grade C 61
HSPC Level 4
Transition Year 7 and Year 8
B1B1 Preliminary for Schools: Pass /Grade CSS 51 / MS 51
HSPC Level 3
A2A2 for Schools: Pass /Grade C SS 40 MS 40
HSPC Level 2
A1SS 26 MS 16
HSPC Level 1 
Below A10
International Primary Preparation Course 
A1A1 Movers 2 Shield in each skill

Key Dates of the College in 2023

Term 1 - 2023
Monday 23 January 2023
Term 1 - 2023 Commences
Friday31 March 2023Term 1 - 2023 Concludes
Term 2 - 2023
18 April 2023 Term 2 - 2023 Commences
Tuesday25 April 2023
Anzac Day Public Holiday
Monday01 May 2023
Labour Day Public Holiday
Friday16 June 2023Term 2 - 2023 Concludes
Term 3 - 2023
Tuesday 11 July 2023 Term 3 - 2023 Commences
14 August 2023
EKKA Public Holiday (Logan City)
15 September 2023
Term 3 - 2023 Concludes
Term 4 - 2022
Monday02 October 2023Queen's Birthday Public Holiday
Tuesday 03 October 2023 Term 4 - 2023 Commences
Friday24 November 2023
Term 4 - 2023 Concludes

Find An Agent

Students are encouraged to submit applications through a College-registered education agent. 

The College works with education agents who have the appropriate knowledge and understanding of the Australian international education industry and ​detailed knowledge of College​ policies and procedures.​

Use the search tool to find the official College-registered education agents in your country

If you are an agent and you would like to be listed on our website, please go through the agent training portal and APPLY to be one of our agencies.