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JPIC Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to commonly asked questions can be found below. If the answer to your question is not provided, please send us a specific question.

What documents do I need to apply?
How do I accept the offer?
Do I have to sit for an English test before coming to Australia?
Do you accept applications for enrolment during the academic year and what are your intake year levels?
Do you accept applications for Year 11 enrolment?
How do I pay Fees?
What is the youngest age I can commence at the International College?
Age-appropriate guidelines
What level of English do I need to reach before I can move to John Paul College?
John Paul College Direct Entry Requirments
What happens if my Provisional Offer is for 20 weeks English and I am only at Level 1?
What happens if my Provisional Offer is for 20 weeks English and my English level is high enough for John Paul College.
How often do I have to pay my fees?
What are the school timings of the day?
Do I have to wear a school uniform?
How will I get to and from school?
What happens on the first day of school?
What subjects will I study?
Can I join a JPC sports team or the performing arts programme?
What general support is available?
What academic support is available?
When do I receive reports and what will they contain?
What happens if I fail a level?
What do I do during the school holidays?
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