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​​​ Homestay Programme​ Overview

Become a College Homestay Provider

Living in an Australian Homestay is a unique and enriching experience.


For students living away from their families, the College has its own Homestay Accommodation Programme, providing 24 hours a day, seven days a week support to students and homestay families. The College has staff available, at all times, to assist international students.

Students who live with a Homestay Provider are provided with three meals each day, have their own bedroom, including a bed and all bedding, a desk with appropriate lighting for study and Internet facilities. A bathroom is normally shared with other family members.

College Homestay Providers are carefully selected; all homes are assessed and approved by the College. Homestay Providers hosting a student under 18 years of age, must undergo a Police checks by the Queensland Government. Once approved, the Homestay Provider receives a “Blue Card”. This process ensures that the environment for the international student is safe and appropriate and any risk of harm is minimised. College Homestay Providers enjoy hosting an international students living in their home. They provide a caring and nurturing environment, while sharing their Australian life and culture. International students have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the English language and improve their language skills on a daily basis.


In many families in Australia, both parents work full time, so children of the family may be quite independent. Australian families may have one parent (either the mother or the father) or both parents living together with children. Australian families do not normally employ household staff, although they may hire a person to occasionally visit and clean or look after the garden. Usually every family member (including the international student) is encouraged to help with jobs in the home, like assisting other family members with cleaning, cooking, shopping and tidying.​

To read more about the Homestay Programme Standards, please click here

Student Responsibilities

Agent Responsibilities

  1. Promote the College with integrity and accuracy and recruit prospective students in an honest and responsible manner.
  2. Provide support to international student programme, homestay programme providers, and international students and their families, particularly in regard to communicating with the parent / guardian if and when requested by the homestay programme provider or the international student programme.
  3. Act honestly and in good faith and in the best interest of the student.
  4. Agents should not contact homestay families directly without the approval of the College.
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