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International Student Focus Session: Preparation while waiting for a visa

​​​​​​​​​​​​ What should international students do whilst waiting to come to JPC or Australia?

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​Hello everyone and welcome to our JPC International Student Focus Session. Today we will be discussing the ways international students can prepare for when the borders open to Australia. The focus today is on High School Preparation students, that is students who will be studying English language before High School. I am joined by two teachers from JPIC: Mary Gabriel and Inge Foley.


Topic 1: JPIC Virtual Classroom available to students

​​​Sample JPC Science Lesson Online

Many students have now started being granted visas; however, they still cannot start their studies until the Australian borders open. Can you talk us through the JPIC Virtual Classroom available to students?

Overview of High School Preparation Online

  • Maintain pathway / Support students
  • English, Maths and Science programs
  • Real connection with students
  • Next intake for Term Four Intermediate level / JPIC Level 4
​​​ ​

Topic 2: Other ways students can prepare for their studies in Australia

  • Ways to improve English language skills whilst waiting for borders to open
  • English language preparation through programmes such as the AEAS course​
  • Other language improvement tips
  • Interview tips

Whilst we wait for borders to reopen during these uncertain times, parents and students are more than welcome to contact our International Student Services Team with any questions. We can arrange a time to speak via video link, via phone or feel free to contact us via email. Our multilingual staff are here to make sure you have the best support during these uncertain and quickly changing times.