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​​​​​ 2020 Fee Schedule

As of 1st January 2020 the following fee charges will be incurred.

Application fee (non refundable)payable at time of applicationA$ 400

 Tuition Fees

DescriptionOccurrence / NotesFees
International Primary Preparation Tuition Fee CRICOS: 049712G per yearA$19,100
Primary (Prep - Year 6) Tuition Fee CRICOS: 010139J per yearA$19,100
Primary Course Levy / International Preparation Course Levy
per yearA$ 2,350
High School Preparation Tuition Fee CRICOS: 0100089​ per yearA$22,700
Junior Secondary (Year 7 - Year 10 ) Tuition Fee CRICOS: 082662E per yearA$22,700
Senior Secondary (Year 11 - Year 12 ) Tuition Fee CRICOS: 004885C per yearA$22,700
Junior Secondary Course Levy (Year 7- Year 10) / High School Preparation Course Levy
per yearA$ 2,350
Senior Secondary (Year 11- Year 12) Course Levy
per yearA$ 2,760

Non-Tuition Fees

DescriptionOccurrence / NotesFees
Enrolment Confirmation Fee (payable at time of acceptance of offer)non refundableA$ 820
English Proficiency Test
per test
A$ 495
OSHC Medical Insurance
per yearA$ 553
Under 18 Student Welfare Fee (For students under Welfare Letter arrangement)per yearA$ 1,200
Boarding Placement
per application
A$ 360
Boarding Fee 
per yearA$19,400
Homestay Placement
per application
A$ 360
Homestay Relocationper moveA$ 375
Homestay Fee
per yearA$17,000
Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (Years 11 & 12 only) per yearA$ 779.75
​Uniform (To be purchased when commencing at school)2 sets
A$ 550
Textbooks (for mainstream only)As required, estimate only, will vary per individual student.A$ 500

Other Optional Fees

DescriptionOccurrence / NotesFees
Airport Pick​up (f​or student only)From Brisbane Airport (if applicable)A$ 240
Airport Pickup (for student only)From Gold Coast Airport (if applicable)A$ 340
​Private Music Tutorials OptionalPlease check with school for the latest fee

  Please see the Enrolment Package for terms and conditions.

​Please see our Refund Policy.

​*All fees are quoted in Australian Dollars, are current at the time of printing and may be subject to change. ​

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