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​​​​​ 2020 Fee Schedule

As of 1st January 2020 the following fee charges will be incurred.

​English Fee Schedule (PDF)​​Simplified Chinese Fee Schedule (PDF)
Traditional Chinese Fee Schedule (PDF) Vietnamese Fee Schedule (PDF)
Japanese Fee Schedule (PDF)Korean Fee Schedule (PDF)
Application fee 1 (non refundable)payable at time of applicationA$ 400

 Tuition Fees

DescriptionOccurrence / NotesFees
High School (Year Seven - Year Twelve) CRICOS: 004885C2 
per year
High School Preparation Tuition Fee CRICOS: 0100089​2per yearA$22,700
High School (Year Seven - Year Ten) / High School Preparation Course Levy 2per yearA$ 2,350
High School (Year Eleven - Year Twelve) Course Levy 2 
per yearA$ 2,760
Primary School (Year One - Year Six) CRICOS: 010139J 2per yearA$19,100
International Primary Preparation Tuition Fee CRICOS: 049712G 2per yearA$19,100
Primary School / International Preparation Course Levy 2per yearA$ 2,350

Non-Tuition Fees

DescriptionOccurrence / NotesFees
Enrolment Confirmation Fee (payable at time of acceptance of offer)non refundableA$ 820
English Proficiency Test
per test
A$ 495
OSHC Medical Insurance 4per yearA$ 553
Under 18 Student Welfare Fee (For students under Welfare Letter arrangement)per yearA$ 1,200
Boarding Placementper application
A$ 360
Boarding Feeper yearA$19,400
Homestay Placementper application
A$ 360
Homestay Reallocationper moveA$ 375
Homestay Fee
per yearA$17,000
Queensland Curriculum and Assessment Authority (year 11 & 12 only) per yearA$ 779.75
​Uniform (To be purchased when commencing at school)2 setA$ 550
Textbooks (for mainstream only)As required, estimate only, will vary per individual student.A$ 500
Airport Pickup (for student only)From Brisbane Airport (if applicable)A$ 240
Airport Pickup (for student only)From Gold Coast Airport (if applicable)A$ 340

Other Optional Fees

DescriptionOccurrence / NotesFees
Private Music Tutorials OptionalPlease check with school for the latest fee
Other OptionalA separate charge may apply for year level camps, some co-curricular activities and other significant year level events

Full Term and conditions, please click here

  1. This fee is to cover the costs of processing the initial application.
  2. It is College policy that fees are paid in advance as outlined by the National ESOS Authority.
  3. Fee is refundable only if visa is refused (proof of visa refusal necessary).
    Fee is not refundable if visa is refused due to the provision of fraudulent documentation.
  4. Student visa holders must have health cover for the total duration of their visa (OSHC organised by the College is through Allianz Global) for the latest price
  5. Payment covers 4 terms per year only. All boarders are expected to return home for vacation periods. A late fee of $50 per week is charged on any balances owing after the first week of term. If 12 week’s written notice for boarding withdrawal is not given as required, the student (or parent(s)/ legal guardian if the student is under 18), will be charged the following term’s boarding fee.
  6. Payment covers 48 weeks homestay per year. The four weeks over Christmas will incur extra costs if the students are in residence. Homestay payment must be received before the first day of each term. A late fee of $50 per week is charged on any balances owing after the first week of term. A cancellation charge equal to two weeks’ accommodation fees will apply, if less than four weeks’ notice in writing is given, or if a placement has been made.
  7. No refund will be made if the student fails to notify the College of their flight details or any change of details two working days before arrival.

*All fees are quoted in Australian Dollars, are current at the time of printing and may be subject to change (please see our website for current fees). If the tuition fees are increased you will be required to pay the new fees as they are updated.

Tuition fees for the school year are charged in two (2) installment in January and July and are payable within 14 days of billing.

GST: Most of the College's fees and charges are not subject to the Goods and Services Tax [GST]. Any GST included in charges is specifically identified on the account when rendered.

Students will not be permitted to commence or continue their course at the beginning of any term until all outstanding fees, charges or accounts are paid. No certificates/reports will be issued where a student has an outstanding debt owing to the College.​​​

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