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​​​​​​​​​ Boarding at John Paul College

Our Boarding Village is home to 48 students from Years 7 – 12, housed in individual residential homes which accommodate eight students in twin share rooms with en-suites. Each home has a shared lounge zone. Sharing is housed according to gender and age.

The fully air conditioned facilities include individual kitchens in each residence, dining and recreation areas, outdoor entertainment areas and a supervised Learning Centre.

​Our staff have boarding expertise at senior levels, which allows us to ensure the highest level of residential care in a safe and nurturing learning environment. The Director of Boarding is joined by our Assistant Director of Boarding, House Mother and four Tutors who live on site.


  • Students from Year 7 to 12
  • Twin share room with en-suites
  • Fully air conditioned facilities
  • Eight students per residential unit
  • Each unit will have a shared lounge zone
  • Peaceful natural environment
  • All meals include


The JPC Boarding Lifestyle Program incorporates the many facets of day to day boarding life that ensures Fenton Village is a happy, healthy and vibrant residential setting for all boarder whom call it a ‘home away from home’. This aspect of JPC Boarding Life is the largest, therefore have many different functions within, however the main focuses of the Lifestyle Program are

  • Routines
  • Term Activities, Events and Outings (Lifestyle Calendar)
  • Weekend Planning
  • Boarders’ Meeting, Chapel and Church
  • Term Room Allocation

Academic enrichment

Academic pursuits are the essential reason for attending John Paul College, therefore Boarding Life reflects this within the Academic Enrichment Program (AEP). This program engages with three (3) key aspects of the academic welfare of boarders;

  1. Academic Tracking
  2. Academic Assistance in Boarding: Prep Sessions
  3. Boarder Academic Enrichment

Pastoral programmes

A sense of belonging is a part of any family unit—the Boarding Village is a large family unit and requires a greater sense of belonging for it to function effectively internally and with the outside community. The ‘belonging’ approach to the boarding family is directly supported by the leadership and service from within the community; therefore, the boarding leadership framework aims to foster the values that underpin that focus. The boarding leadership framework relies on the ‘Three Key Boarding Principles’ to achieve its aim— kindness, service and forgiveness. ​

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