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    Academic Staff

    John Paul College provides a progressive and stimulating educational environment for both students and staff.

    Our high teaching standards are reinforced through our commitment to ongoing professional development for staff. This level of support ensures our teachers are equipped with the latest teaching and learning tools and strategies so that they can help students successfully navigate the range of academic pathways available and the rich mix of co-curricular activities offered at John Paul College.​

    ​ ​Technology is an integral part of teaching and learning at John Paul College and, as such, our dedicated and highly professional teaching staff are widely regarded as leaders in their field.
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    Russel Welch 

    Russell Welch

    John Paul International College​​​
    David Ferguson 

    David Ferguson

    Deputy Director,
    John Paul International College​

    Lead Teachers

    Attaining a Lead Teacher certification demonstrates leadership and commitment to excellence in teaching.

    HALT Teacher: Inge Foley HALT Teacher: Jo Teys

    Teaching Staff

    Dedicated and highly professional teaching staff, widely regarded as leaders in their field

    Jo Higgins

    Lead Teacher & Maths / Science Coordinator
    Jo Higgins has an Applied Science degree in Biology and Chemistry along with a teaching qualification from the University of Queensland. Jo is an experienced certified AITSL lead teacher and is the Maths and Science Co-ordinator. Jo has a unique skill set that she utilises to lead and inspire her students.

    Mary Gabriel

    Senior Teacher
    Mary Gabriel is a highly qualified and experienced educator specialising in teaching English as a Second Language. She has taught High School Preparation classes at John Paul International College for over sixteen years. Mary’s experience and strong digital literacy skills enable her to creatively utilise a range or learning platforms and educational applications to enhance student experience in both face-to-face and virtual classrooms. Mary is dedicated and passionate about motivating and inspiring students to achieve the greatest outcomes.​

    Zackary Milverton

    Maths & Science Teacher
    Zackary Milverton earned a Bachelor of Education majoring in Biology from Griffith University. He has been an important member of the College community for six years and has guided many students towards achieving to their fullest potential.
    Inge Foley  

    Inge Foley​​

    Lead Teacher – JPIC Coordinator (English Language) ​​
    Inge Foley has more than 19 years' experience in international education. She is currently the John Paul International College Coordinator for English Language. Throughout her career, she has been recognised for outstanding classroom practice and developing innovative programs. This can be demonstrated by her acquisition of Lead Teacher (HALT) qualification in August 2019 and her achievement of Gold Quality Endorsement (NEAS) for the High School Preparation Curriculum she created for John Paul International College in 2018.
    Rough Robin  

    Robin Rough

    Senior Teacher
    I am a passionate teacher, as I have been teaching for over 40 years, the last 20 years have been at JPIC. I began as a primary teacher, then went into teaching English as a second language. In 1996, my husband and I spent a year training teachers in Vietnam. This opened our eyes to the difference in teaching methods and resources in developing countries, compared to developed countries. As a result, over the last 8 years my husband and I have been travelling to developing countries to train teachers in how to teach English. Personally, I have two adult children and three grandchildren, with one more in the way. ​
    Vicki Sundaram  

    Vicki Sundaram

    Senior Teacher
    Vicky Sundaram is an experienced ESL educator with a formal teaching qualification and a Master’s degree in Applied Linguistics. She makes learning goal-oriented and believes in instilling a growth mindset in her students through effort and persistence. Having taught for almost twenty years in the High School Preparation Course at John Paul International College, Vicky has a wide knowledge and strong skill sets to prepare her students for the challenges of mainstream learning.​
    Linda Steinhausen  

    Linda Steinhausen

    Senior Teacher
    Linda Steinhausen gained a Bachelor of Education majoring in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge, UK. Linda initially taught Mathematics, but mostly to non-native English speakers. She therefore decided to study for her Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language. After teaching young children, teenagers and adults in five different countries she came to Australia where she joined John Paul International College in 1998. She enjoys building positive relationships with her students and seeing their confidence in their abilities grow.
    Lee-Anne Simpson  

    Lee-Anne Simpson

    Senior Teacher
    Lee-Anne Simpson earned her degrees in Mathematics, English Literature and Secondary Education from the University of Tasmania. Over the past 20 years, she has used her unique skill set to teach and develop courses for primary enrichment, middle school multi-disciplinary programs, and senior numeracy and literacy support. For the past 6 years, she has collaborated with the JPIC team to write and develop a highly academic, language-rich mathematics program for Primary and High School Preparation students. Students appreciate Lee-Anne’s kind and caring manner and benefit from her knowledge of JPC mainstream academic programs and co-curricular activities. Lee-Anne cares deeply about creating an enjoyable, supportive,​ and inspiring school experience for all students.​