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​​​​High School and Primary Preparation

Students who do not meet direct entry requirements can study English with John Paul International College. The table below is a guideline of English language levels at John Paul International College. Students do not need a result from the below institution to apply.

​Cambridge for school
Level 5 Transition Yr 9 & 10 Entry
B2 First for Schools: Grade C
Level 4 Transition Yr 7 & 8 EntryB1​51
B1 Preliminary for Schools: Pass /Grade C
Level 3EntryA2​40
A2 for Schools: Pass /Grade C
Level 2EntryA1​SS 26 / MS 16

Level 1Entry
Below A1​N/A
​Primary Preparation
​A1 Movers

Direct entry to John Paul College

The table below is a guideline for direct entry requirements to mainstream classes at John Paul College. Students may still apply if they do not have a formal result from the below institutions.

CEFRAEASCambridge for SchoolIELTS
Year TenC175+ (SS Test)B2 First for Schools: Grade A6.5+
Year NineB2+75+ (MS Test)B2 First for Schools: Grade B6+
Year Seven or EightB1+70+ (MS Test)B1 Preliminary for Schools: Merit / Grade B5.5+
Year SixB145+ (PS Test)A2 Flyers 5 Shields in each skill
Year FiveB145+ (PS Test)A2 Flyers 5 Shields in each skill
Year FourB140+ (PS Test)A2 Flyers 4 Shields in each skill
Year ThreeA235+ (PS Test)A1 Movers 5 Shields in each skill
Prep - Year TwoAt the discretion of the Head of Primary School


Additional Requirements

              • ​​​​​Official academic report cards from the last two years.
              • An interview with the relevant Head of School.
​Admission is determined through a combination of English results, school reports and the interview. ​
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