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Short Term Experiences at John Paul College

John Paul International College offers a wide range of educational and exciting overseas experiences for students from all over the world. JPIC Experiences are designed as inclusive and meaningful learning experiences for students between the ages of 10-17. What’s more, each experience is adapted to different English language abilities and skills. JPIC Experiences run throughout the year providing schools and agents with flexibility.

JPIC Experiences can be divided into two different types of programmes. Firstly, JPIC Study Tours offer overseas students a chance to immerse into Australian culture and language. Study Tours are short 1-3 week learning experiences and typically include excursions to complement classroom learning. The second type of programme is JPIC Study Abroad. Whilst offering all the benefits of Study Tours, Study Abroad programmes typically have particular academic goals and last 4-10 weeks.

With a dedicated support team, experienced teachers and exceptional school grounds, JPIC Experiences is an internationally renowned destination for short term international students.

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