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​​​​​​​​​​Study Tour​​s


JPIC Study Tours are tailored 1-3 week programmes aimed at exposing international students to everything Australian. Classroom based activities are hands-on and complement excursions and incursions. JPIC Study Tours are best split into different themes which provide students with the context for their learning and their goals. Each theme has a JPIC Character Strength that teachers aim to develop during learning. These Character Strengths are designed to develop students into discerning and knowledgeable global students. Whilst every tour can be tailored to students’ needs and abilities, the thematic recommendations below suggest appropriate student English levels and themes. Depending on the length of the tour, several themes can be included with associated excursions.

Theme 1: The Wild Wildlife of Australia​

Theme 2: What makes Australia Unique – History, Geography and Beach Life

Theme 3: The Art and Culture of Australia’s First Peoples

Theme 4: Aussie Sports and Games

Theme 5: Australia’s Fabulous Food

Theme 6: JPIC Leadership Programme – The Great Outdoors

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