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High School Preparation Course Curriculum


High School Preparation (CRICOS: 0100089​) prepares students from age 12 for entry into the Australian High​​ School system. Classes are held for five and a half hours per day from Monday to Friday. Students are taught totally in English – not only language skills but also Mathematics, and Science through English. The curriculum develops students’ communicative competence and academic language skills through a blended learning approach which integrates technology and real-world tasks. Students study topics and themes relevant to their lives and learning with reference to the mainstream so that graduates are fully prepared to enter mainstream academic classes with Australian high school students . An overview of the themes covered in the various levels of English include:

Level 1: Beginning English

Level 2: Becoming familiar with English, and orientation to learning through English

Level 3: Post-beginning English/moving into learning through English

Level 4: Becoming confident in English and in learning through English

Level 5: Transition towards successful learning through English.

Health and Physical Education (HPE)

The High School Preparation Programme (HSP) includes a comprehensive Health and Physical Education (HPE) Programme. This programme is designed to prepare students from age 12 for entry into HPE in the mainstream and forms part of the College’s holistic approach to education.

HPE is studied entirely in English. Students learn the vocabulary and skills for success in various sports. Students are taught, coached, encouraged and developed in a range of different sports. A big part of the programme includes integration into mainstream HPE events. Students participate and compete alongside Australian students in major events throughout the year, including the Swimming Carnival, Cross Country Carnival and Athletics Day.

Streamline Reporting & Support

Academic audits, regular online reporting and communication with parents enables teachers to work in partnership with the home. In this way, we can keep parents informed of their child’s academic progress.

A full-time network of support personnel, including Heads of Year, a Chaplain, Counsellors, English as a Second Language and Learning Enhancement teachers, is available. A comprehensive tutorial program is designed to extend and support students in their pursuit of academic excellence.

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