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Foundation for entry in​to Secondary School Years 7 - 10

Langua​ge Ready. School Ready

The JPIC High School Preparation Course prepares students from age 12 for entry into the Australian High School system. Our five levels are based on the globally recognised Common European Framework of Reference for Languages from beginner to advanced. Students are taught totally in English for all subjects. Classes are held for five and a half hours per day from Monday to Friday.​


  • Term 1 (January)
  • Term 2 (April)
  • Term 3 (July)
  • Term 4 (October)

Core Subj​ects

I​ntensive English for High School
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Our bespoke NEAS Gold Standard English curriculum develops students' communicative competence and academic language skills through a blended learning approach which integrates technology and real-world tasks. Students study topics and themes relevant to their lives and learning with reference to the main​stream so that graduates are fully prepared to enter High School classes with Australian students.

Through our Learning Management System ​(SEQTA), students, parents and teachers track student progress. Students and parents can use SEQTA to see lessons, resources, assessment results and feedback in a user-friendly layout. Academic tracking, termly reporting and communication with parents enables teachers to work in partnership with the ​home.

An overview of the skills covered in the various levels of English include:

Level 1: Beginning English

Level 2: Becoming familiar with English, and orientation to learning through English

Level 3: Post-beginning English/moving into learning through English

Level 4: Becoming confident in English and in learning through English

Level 5: Transition towards successful learning through English.

Mathematics & Science
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The Mathematics and Science curricula are tailored to each level of English and student pathway. Students study mathematical and scientific concepts that are appropriate to their equivalent year level in Australia. This ensures that our graduating students are ready to go into​ mainstream Mathematics and Science classes.

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Level 4

Level 5

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