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​​​​​International students excel at the Academic Excellence Awards - Semester 1 - 2018

​​John Paul International College provides ‘A Passport to a Global Future’: a holistic education that underpins all that we do.

From the focus on academics to the students’ involvement in co-curricular, the aim of the International College is to effectively prepare students for study and life at John Paul College and University. This week, we celebrate some of our successful academic students.

At the 2018 Cum Laude & Pro Diligentia Awards Assembly, we are very proud of John Paul International College graduates who received Awards for their outstanding academic achievement since graduating to John Paul College.

  • ​​Of our current Year 12 cohort, approximately 32% of international students achieved a Cum Laude Award (minimum GPA > 11, all As & Bs) or above.
  • For the highest Academic Award, the Summa Cum Laude (minimum of GPA 13), a remarkable 27% of all Awardees were International students.
  • 85% of International Students Award Recipients graduated from the John Paul International College High School Preparation Course.

It is not easy to come to a new country, a new education system, often a new language, a new school, a new home and then succeed in open company. It is pleasing to see that the new John Paul International College curriculum, alongside participation in our co-curricular programme is having a clear impact in preparing the international students for future success.

Congratulations to all students who received Awards. Students who received the highest award are listed below:

Year 12 Summa Cum Laude with HIGHEST PRAISE, GPA > 13.0
Chae Eun OHStarted at Prep Year, John Paul College 
Year 1 - Year 12
South Korea
Karlym NAMStarted at High School Preparation Course Level 4 (April - 2014)
Year 8 (October, 2014) - Year 12
South Korea
Chun Fai (Leon) LAIStarted at Primary Preparation, July, 2012
Year 7 (January 2013) - Year 12
Hong Kong
Fangyu (Nita) LIStarted at High School Preparation Course Level 5 (July - 2015)
Year 9 (October 2015) - Year 12
Tong (Wendy) QINStarted at Year 10 (July - 2016)
Year 12, January, 2017
Genyuan (Caesar) QIUStarted at High School Preparation Course Level 5 (January - 2015)
Year 9 - Year 12

Bingquan (Bill) YUStarted at High School Preparation Course Level 5 (January - 2015)
Year 9 - Year 12
Hong Kong

Year 10 and Year 11 Summa Cum Laude with HIGHEST PRAISE, GPA > 13.0
Tianyi (Tiffany) WANGStarted at High School Preparation Course Level 4 (July - 2015)
Year 8 - Year 11

HaiYun (Sonia) ZHANGStarted at High School Preparation Course Level 4 (October - 2016) 
Year 10 - Year 11
Mo Yi (Jessica) DAI
Started at High School Preparation Course Level 5 (July - 2016) 
Year 9-  Year 10
Ruojin (Doris) LIStarted at High School Preparation Course Level 3 (July - 2016) 
Year 9 - Year 10 
Thi Yen Nhi (Souri) NGUYENPreparation Course Level 4, September, 2017 
Year 9 - Year 10
Ho Chi Minh