Teaching & Learning

Students will be treated as adults, with the flexibility to learn in preparation for future university study. While no uniforms are worn, it is expected that students will dress appropriately for campus life. Leading university campuses are close by, as is the convenience of facilities such as shopping centres, coffee shops etc.

The following competencies are addressed in 39260QLD Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation:

Unit Code Unit Name
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ATP400 Language and Learning Skills 1
ATP401 Language and Learning Skills 2
ATP408 Australian Society 1
ATP409 Australian Society 2
ATP415 Computing for Academic Purposes 1
ATP416 Computing for Academic Purposes 2
ATP437 Mathematics ( General) 1
ATP438 Mathematics ( General) 2
ATP439 Pure Maths 1
ATP440 Pure Maths 2
ATP441 Pure Maths 3
ATP423 General and Applied Science 1
ATP424 General and Applied Science 2
ATP432 Literature 1
ATP433 Literature 2


  • Critical thinking skills including analysis, problem solving, drawing and justifying conclusions, and evaluation
  • Apply study and research techniques independently
  • Use technology for academic purposes
  • Prepare, present and participate in seminars
  • Write academic texts
  • Use mathematical ideas and techniques
  • Working with others in teams


Assessment tasks are integrated into the curriculum as per the assessment schedule. There are also homework assignments and suggestions for additional out of class tasks. Students will be required to sit for both open and closed book examinations and in some cases may be required to perform skills tests and/or oral presentations. Individual or group project work may also be used to determine competency.

Teaching methods combine face-to-face delivery, self-study and project work.