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tudents have opportunities to
participate in various activities,
fundraise for chosen charities, work
with students in different grades
and put forward their ideas and opinions for
helping others.
Through the duration of this year, JPC
Community Care has successfully completed
a range of activities and raised significant
funds for individual charities.
These activities have included helping
young students who struggle with English
at Homework Clubs; organising and
participating in World Vision’s 40 Hour
Famine; running and selling goods at stalls
to collect funds to donate; visiting and
playing games with senior citizens at their
retirement village home; knitting beanies to
give to the hospital for premature babies; face-
painting at Mayfair; spending time
on the street helping the hungry and lonely
people around Woodridge through ‘Rosies’;
assisting with Operation Christmas Child
in sending shoe boxes to the underprivileged
overseas; co-ordinating fund-raising for SIDS
and Kids and supporting and raising funds for
KENG, the Kingston East Neighbourhood
Group which puts school packs together for
needy families.
JPC Community Care has definitely been
a great co-curricular to participate in and
be a part of in 2012 because it has provided
myself and the rest of the team with the
satisfaction that comes with helping people
who are much less fortunate than we are.
We are privileged to attend a school like
John Paul College and it is important for us
to remember to give something back to the
community. We would like to thank Mr
Foster, Mrs Graham, Mr Ward, Mr Hotchilt
and Mrs Posala for their ongoing support.
We would also like to thank the John Paul
College community for their continued
support - people like Mrs Howard, Mrs White
and Mrs Bartlett who knitted over 40 beanies
for the premature babies.
I hope many more students will consider
taking up the challenge in 2013, because each
and every one of us can make a difference
in our community.
JPC Community
JPC Community Care
is a co-curricular
activity dedicated
to serving and caring
for the community.
by Laryssa Perkins (Year 11, 2012)
40 Hour Famine Sleepover
Shoeboxes of gifts donated for Operation Christmas Child
Red Nose Day embraced by students in the Primary School
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