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Compass for Christianity
In the Senior School a new weekly group
called “Compass” was started for students
interested in finding out more about
Christianity, or who are Christians and want
to hang out with other Christians.
Years 6-12 Social Justice Service
At the Years 6-12 Social Justice Service,
Major Bryce Davies from the Salvation
Army shared his work with ‘Streetlevel’
in Fortitude Valley. He brought a couple
of friends who had troubled backgrounds but
had come to have faith in Jesus Christ through
the work of the Salvos and had started to turn
their lives around.
Some students and staff visited him and
the people being helped.
In the Primary School, the Year 5 and Year 6
students went on Retreat. The Year 5s watched
“The Story of Jesus for Children” DVD and
discussed this in small groups. They also
looked at the Lord’s Prayer and what it means.
The Year 6 Retreat was run by “NET”
ministries and they shared God’s “Arms
of Love” with the students. The young people
on the team from the Catholic Church did
a great job presenting this through drama,
music, small groups and personal testimonies
of their own faith journey.
The Year 8 Retreat was run by “Island
Breeze”. Christian men and women from
Pacific Islands came and shared their culture
and faith with the students. They told the
story of how, on Tonga, three of the first four
missionaries were eaten. The fourth stayed and
married a local, and through him Christ was
introduced to the island.
By Father Leo Burke,
Patron of John Paul College
s Christians, Advent and
Christmas can have an important
role to play in our lives.
Advent is meant to be a time
of waiting for something to happen
- in this case to prepare to remember
the birth of Jesus Christ our saviour.
That happened so many years ago
that if we are not careful we will forget
the significance of this. It was not just
an historical event but something that
continues to be able to have an effect
in our lives today.
For any great event - such as this
one - it should be of value to prepare,
to remind ourselves of what the God
of the universe has done for each one
of us.
So then let us be grateful that our God
chose to do this in a very human way,
by coming down on earth to show what
we need to do by gathering a group
of dedicated men and women to assist
Him in this plan, and to give us someone
to imitate and to follow.
Let us use this time of the year
to re-read the Gospel stories of Christ’s
birth in Luke and Matthew’s gospels;
to express our gratitude to Him in prayer
and to ensure that we join with so many
other Christians in remembering and
celebrating His birth by joining in our
local church service in our own area
or wherever we may be at Christmas time.
May that peace of Christ be more
deeply in your own life this Christmas
time, and in the lives of those folk
around you.
Am I Enough?
Students in the Senior School enjoyed Chapel
each fortnight, with a number of topics covered,
including one very thought provoking subject –
entitled “I’m not… enough”.
This discussion looked at the idea that
everyone feels inadequate at times (that we
are not pretty enough, smart enough, popular
enough, good enough or talented enough)
but that God made us the way we are
so we shouldn’t compare ourselves to others
or look down on ourselves. Students discussed
the message that God promises to be with
us no matter what we are going through.
Other topics explored were “Grief”,
“Who is Jesus?”, “Celebrating Life” and
“Making Decisions.”
Student were also shown the DVD
“Indescribable”, which looks at God as the
Creator of the universe (with some amazing
pictures from NASA and a letter written
to the preacher from an astronaut), and how
this amazing God then humbled himself
to becoming a man and dying on a cross
so we might be reconciled to him.
Students also ran some of their own Chapels
with topics including “Bullying”, “The
Environment” and the “Good Samaritan”.
Christian bands
“Iron and Clay”, “Hey Denise!”
“Remember Seven”
also performed, sharing
positive messages with the students.
“Remember Seven”
shared stories of their
work with the Christian organisation “Destiny
Rescue” which is looking to have an impact
on human trafficking. This band recently
supported a young mother and helped her
to turn her life around so that she no longer
had to work as a prostitute. She is now able
to support her child, study and provide
herself, and her son, with a better future.
Christian Band
Island Breeze
by Mr Steve Ward, Chaplain
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