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t was confirmation that from a school
in Daisy Hill, ‘big things’ are possible.
And in the case of our finalists, ‘big things’
didn’t necessarily mean career or financial
success – as success for these Awards was also
measured in terms of service or giving back.
Every one of our finalists inspired me –
for very different reasons. From our overall
winner, Yassmin Abdel-Magied for her
remarkable achievements in her young life,
for her obvious intellect, her pervasive social
conscience and her generosity of time,
to Daniel Jensen – who with perseverance and
hard work has gone on to build a formidable
business empire, to Serena Langenbruch,
whose care and concern for others meant
sleeping on the floor of an impoverished
Thai village – for two years!
I am certain that we have only skimmed
the surface of learning about the work that
our alumni are doing throughout the world.
I look forward to these Awards in future years
to celebrate the success and be inspired
by a whole new group of John Paul College
past students.
Alumni Awards
It was confirmation
that from a school
in Daisy Hill, ‘big
things’ are possible.
As the overall winner of the Outstanding
Alumni Awards, Yassmin graduated from the
University of Queensland with a Bachelor
of Mechanical Engineering with First Class
Honours and was also the recipient of the
Dean’s Excellence Scholarship.
At the age of 16, Yassmin founded
Without Borders
, an organisation that
empowers young people to work together for
the implementation of positive change in their
communities. The organisation undertakes
projects both in Australia and abroad.
Yassmin’s growing collection
of accolades includes:
Young Leader winner – Australian
Financial Review and Westpac’s ‘100
Women of Influence’ 2012 Awards
Suncorp Young Queenslander of the
Year - 2010
Named one of Queensland’s
50 Best and Brightest in 2010
Young Australian of the Year,
Finalist - 2010
Young Australian Muslim of the
Year - 2007
In addition to her work with
Without Borders
, Yassmin is an active volunteer
in the community and sits on the Australian
Multicultural Council, the Board of the
Queensland Museum and the Design Council.
She is also the Patron for the United Nations
Student Association.
Melissa Kerwin (2004)
Serena Langenbruch (2004)
“I was privileged to
organise this year’s
inaugural Outstanding
Alumni Awards. For me,
there was a palpable
air of awe at the
Awards Ceremony
for the remarkable
achievements of our
finalists as they were
by Sue Homann,
Alumni Co-ordinator
Our overall Outstanding Alumnus,
Yassmin Abdel-Magied:
With thanks to Mark Lobo
Photography; photographed
at TEDxBrisbane
Overall Winner / Community Category Winner:
Yassmin Abdel-Magied (2007)
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