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Rachel Lim, Keith Rebello, Laryssa Perkins,
Hannah Fox, Kirstin Hogg.
Laura Truong, Kiandra
Are and Amy Huynh with the Urban Descenders
Aaliya Doolabh with her CD
The Journey towards a New
Mosque begins with 5,880 Beads…
International Baccalaureate Diploma Program
student, Aaliya Doolabh recognized a need
within her community and found a means
of achieving this by completing a project
within the Creativity, Action and Service
component of her IB program.
“My passion for singing and graphic design
led me to what was said to be an “impossible
task”, which was to record and design a CD
in a foreign language in support of the Islamic
Society of Algester,” Aaliya said.
Around 5,880 beads later, her love
of playing with pliers found her shaping
over 1000 pieces of jewellery in order to fund
the production of the CD.
Although these unique far-fetched
innovations of a 16 year old perplexed many,
she was able to give back in her own special
way to the building fund of a wonderful
association that she holds close to her heart.
“I have watched the Islamic Society
of Algester grow substantially in the last
10 years”, Aaliya said.
“As a result, the current premises, an old,
two-storey house, used as a Mosque and
community centre, no longer meet the
needs of the growing community.
I share a burning
desire, along with the
dedicated members
of this community,
to see the building
and completion of
a new Mosque.
“Their admirable efforts have inspired
me to complete this mammoth task.
Without their support and enthusiasm,
I would not have dared to dream,” she said.
Aaliya is extremely grateful to have had the
assistance of alumnist Moshin Ghumra who
donated a considerable amount of his time
recording and producing the CD.
She was also humbled by the response of
people keen to purchase both the jewellery and
CDs and Aaliya’s project raised $7,350, with
over 300 CDs sold in 11 different countries.
john paul college
John Paul College Headmaster
and Team in Queensland’s
first Urban Descent
Would you step outside of your comfort
zone to do something amazing to help
vulnerable children in Queensland?
John Paul College Headmaster, Mr Peter
Foster, Deputy Headmaster, Mr Norm Kerley,
Head of Senior School, Mr Allan Dennis and
Head of Middle School, Mr Mark Zietsch
bravely stepped outside of theirs as they took
part in Queensland’s inaugural Urban Descent
in October.
With $500 per person to be raised, Year 11
International Baccalaureate students Kiandra
Are, Laura Truong and Amy Huynh were the
team behind the scheme. They raised over
$2,000 to ensure that this awesome foursome
could bravely abseil the 36 storeys down the
iconic Gold Tower in Brisbane.
Cheered on by a number of John Paul
College family members, the team completed
their descent in strong cross winds and were
happy to have assisted the students to raise
money for such a worthy cause.
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