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he International Baccalaureate
(IB) Organisation aims to develop
inquiring, knowledgeable and
caring young people who help
to create a better and more peaceful world
through intercultural understanding and
respect. The emphasis is on
‘learning by doing’
real tasks that have real consequences and then
reflecting on these experiences over time.
“The Creativity, Action and Service
component (CAS) of the IB program
is a framework for experiential learning,
designed to involve students in new roles,”
said Director of the International Baccalaureate
Diploma Program, Mrs Julie-Anne Skelton.
CAS aims to develop
students who are
reflective thinkers
so that they understand
their own strengths and
limitations, can identify
goals and devise strategies
for personal growth.
Our students have undertaken a number
of projects to meet the requirements of the
CAS program, including a service learning
trip, providing assistance to a local Mosque
and encouraging the Headmaster and
members of his Senior Leadership Team
to jump off a tall building in aid of the Save
the Children organisation.
Service with a Purpose
During the September school holidays,
Mrs Skelton and teacher, Mr Bruce
Middleton, took a group of 15 students
on a “Service Learning, Cultural Awareness”
trip to Thailand, Burma and Laos.
“As Creativity, Action and Service (CAS)
is an integral component of the International
Baccalaureate Diploma Program, it is essential
that the students who undertake this rigorous
program develop greater insights into the nature
of the component itself,” Mrs Skelton said.
While it would be easier for them
to meet their challenges in Australia,
the wider opportunities presented to them
internationally meant that students on this
service trip undertook experiences so that they
better understood aspects of the IB Learner
Profile, the IB Mission Statement and Habits
of Mind.
They were able to be involved in another
community and culture, were extended
through demanding endurance and met
many personal challenges, developed as team
members, became willing risk takers, learnt
skills that they were able to pass onto others
and undertook service with responsibility.
At the end of this service trip they were able
to understand the human consequence of their
work, both as individuals and within their
“new” community.
As they embarked on their journey across the
world, taking in Thailand, crossing into Burma,
visiting markets, trekking through rice fields and
enjoying local cuisine, they arrived in Luang
Prabang, Laos to begin their service work.
“Living like locals, we pumped our own water,
used squat toilets and bucket showers and spent
four days completing an unfinished toilet block,”
said student and team member Laryssa Perkins.
“We completed the project by adding our
own personal touches to the walls including
painting large trees with leaves of our hand
prints, a river of Aboriginal inspired dots,
bumble bees, flowers, mountains, rice fields
and balloons,” she added.
The team also performed service work
which included teaching English in the
local schools.
“Often it was a challenge to communicate
with the local students as they spoke as much
English as we did Laos. Even if much
of the lesson was lost in translation, I feel that
if we had as much of a positive impact
on the children as they did to us, then the
time spent was invaluable,” said student and
team member Jessie Wiles.
The trip was summed up by student and
team member, Sidonie Wakefield who said
“All of us were shocked at how fast the two
weeks had gone and after travelling for
a day, we were back in Australia and feeling
so grateful that we had been able to experience
everything that we had”.
Thank you to
Mrs Skelton and
Mr Middleton for all
the hard work you
put in to make this
possible for us. It was
International Baccalaureate
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