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U OK Day is held nationally
on 13 September as a day of
action dedicated to inspiring all
people of all backgrounds to regularly ask
each other, “Are you OK?”
The RU OK Foundation aims to
prevent isolation by providing resources
throughout the year and empowering
people to support each other through
life’s ups and downs.
John Paul College supported RU OK
Day through a number of initiatives
aimed at raising awareness about the
importance of connection.
In the spirit of connecting with
and supporting others, Middle School
students were given the opportunity
to encourage others in their class and
in their year level by giving Caring Cards
during Pastoral Care. These Caring
Cards were a simple way to send a special
message to someone to let them know
why they were appreciated.
In conjunction with RU OK Day,
Middle School also held an inaugural
Fun Run with over 400 students and
a number of staff completing the 1.7km
course through the College.
Year 7s Connect with our Community
ohn Paul College and Tall Trees
Care Community have begun what
is anticipated to be a long term
partnership with a visit by the Year 7 students
to Tall Trees in November.
Accompanied by Head of Middle School,
Mr Mark Zietsch and Ms Stacey Lang, Head
of Year 7, the students visited the residents,
shared morning tea and listened to numerous
stories before enjoying a tour of the units and
recreational facilities.
The Tall Trees partnership was initiated by
Year 7 student, Jack Boughton who thought
that building a relationship with seniors
could be mutually beneficial. He entered his
idea into the NAB Schools First competition
and won $5,000 for John Paul College with
his idea to partner with Tall Trees.
“I really enjoyed the visit and talking with
the residents of Tall Trees,” Jack said.
“One of the ladies we spoke with said one
of the most important things in life is to get
a good education, so at John Paul College,
we are on the right track,” he said.
It is hoped that residents will visit John Paul
College next year and assist with reading and
the Finch Farm.
LEFT: Jack Boughton tries his hand at quoits
uring Term 3, 138 students
and 15 staff enjoyed an
amazing experience on their
trip to Canberra as they visited various
Teachers relayed real time experiences
via Twitter and a tour blog as they visited
places such as the War Memorial,
AIS, Questacon, Geo Science Centre,
Deep Space Centre, Parliament House,
Old Parliament House, National Dinosaur
Museum, Botanical Gardens, Mt Ainsley
and the National Museum.
Year 7 students Loes and Sammie Klinker,
on behalf of the Year 7s, were extremely
happy with their trip and their experiences.
“The week literally flew past and
we are all extremely grateful for the
delightful adventure that we went on,”
said Loes (7C).
“Each person learnt something about
the landmarks we visited and it was
a magnificent opportunity for which
the Year 7s were exceedingly grateful,”
added Sammie (7E).
The exceptional planning, organisation
and problem solving by Head of Year 7,
Ms Stacey Lang ensured that all the Year 7s
enjoyed a smooth and joyful experience.
Nicola Eadie places her poppy on the Wall of
Remembrance at The War Memorial in Canberra
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