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Noelene Munns
Learning Centre
he Noelene Munns Learning Centre officially opened
on Foundation Day at the beginning of Term 3.
It is fitting that this fantastic facility, which provides
21st century learning spaces, technology and resources for our
teachers and students, was named after the inaugural Principal
of the Primary School, Mrs Noelene Munns.
“Mrs Munns was a progressive educator who ensured
that quality educational experiences would provide the best
learning for her’ little ones’,” said Head of Learning Centres,
Mrs Marilyn Fry.
“Her portrait now smiles down upon us every day as if she
is gazing approvingly on all that we do. What an amazing few
months we have had since opening!” she added.
The students, staff, parents and visitors of the College have
been in awe of the building, the design, the sustainable features
and the amazing resources at the students’ fingertips.
The building has clever features such as smart lighting
and air conditioning that turns off when areas are not in use,
large windows which allow in a lot of natural light, collaborative
learning spaces and colours, furniture and fabrics that make
learning comfortable and attractive. There is also touch screen
technology in a variety of formats.
“It is amazing to see the young students chilling out at
lunchtime, watching a 3D movie or playing Wii, PS3 or Xbox
games. The Learning Centre has several iPads which contain
a collection of educational apps and e-books,” Mrs Fry said.
This collection will be extended in 2013 to include Android
touch devices in our efforts to put the latest technology in the
hands of our learners. Books and reading of course still rank
high in popularity and the text collection has been well used
since we have moved into the new facility.
We look forward to an even more exciting and eventful 2013
bringing our staff and students amazing new experiences and
taking our Learning Centre and activities onto the global stage
with planned collaborative projects across the globe.
he Year 6 students hosted an exhibition on 26 November
to illustrate their journey through the International
Baccalaureate Primary Years Programme (PYP).
The displays were all of a very high standard, impressing staff,
parents and students at a special exhibition night held in the
Bradley building.
The students spent the day setting up their displays, putting into
effect the techniques they learnt throughout the unit. The evening
began with a performance of the song, ‘Hall of Fame’ in the Piazza,
followed by a procession to Bradley Space. Students wore their
specially created PYP t-shirts, and following some formalities to open
the Exhibition, families had the chance to experience the learning
which had been their focus throughout the preceding weeks.
“Who We Are” was the theme, but the presentations were varied
and enthralling. Not only did students display the topic through
a variety of media, but they spoke enthusiastically to engage the many
visitors. This continued the following day as many classes, staff and
students from other schools also attended.
The students deservedly received many compliments, and those who
attended were impressed by the depth and maturity of the topics and
how the Year 6 students presented them.
PYP journey
primary school
“Who We Are” was the theme,
but the presentations were
varied and enthralling.
Students enjoying their lesson in the Noelene Munns Learning Centre
Year 6 student, Zoe Middleton, presents her PYP Exhibition to Year 5 students
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