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john paul college
he Year 6 students were the
focus of the Senior Primary
presentations as they enjoyed
their graduation assembly
on the last Thursday of term.
At their graduation, Head of Primary
School, Mr Norm Kerley, spoke of the passing
of time, and the importance of using this
precious resource wisely because the next
six years would go quickly. He encouraged
them to make the most of the time
remaining. Students were then presented with
graduation certificates, with some receiving
commendations for their hard work and
academic achievements.
The audience enjoyed several performances
and Natalie Koch spoke about her Primary
School journey and presented a gift of a
framed 2012 PYP Exhibition t-shirt to the
Headmaster. Students were then welcomed to
Journey ends
for Year 6
as they celebrate their graduation from Primary School
Grandparents’ Day
n Friday, 2 November,
we celebrated our annual
Grandparents’ Day with nearly
700 grandparents and friends joining the
children of John Paul College for a concert
followed by classroom activities and tours
and a shared morning tea.
The visitors enjoyed the performances,
heard the students reflect on the importance
of grandparents and other special friends
within their lives and received a rose.
Back in the classrooms, the children
shared their talents and learning with
their grandparents, and showed them how
to use the iPad, digital camera and mobile
phone to take and look at photos.
Grandparents then shared insights
which can only be acquired with the
passage of years, as they talked to the
children in a way that only the experiences
of life can teach us.
The opportunities for our students
to proudly share their love and their
learning, authentically practise introductions,
use their manners, perform before a proud
audience, and serve morning tea are life’s
lessons in themselves.
Thank you all for supporting the
Grandparents’ Events, and strengthening
the links that bind the John Paul Family
together as one.
Stanley Sclavos
Award winner, Kieren
Bofinger with Mr and
Mrs Sclavos, Mr Peter
Foster and Mr Norm
Espejo-Fracassetti and
her grandmother.
Middle School by Head, Mr Zietsch and the
tradition of the ‘hand over’ was complete.
At the Year 6 graduation, the Stanley
Sclavos Award is presented in honour
of Stanley Sclavos who sadly passed away
in 2003 when he was in Year 5. It is awarded
to a student who best exemplifies the traits
which Stanley demonstrated as a John Paul
College student.
The prestige of this award was enhanced
by the generous donation by the Sclavos
family of an honour board featuring the names
of the recipients and this will be displayed
in the Noelene Munns Learning Centre.
The 2012 recipient was Kieren Bofinger and
he cut the graduation cake at the afternoon tea
shared by students, staff and families
of the graduates.
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