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he Year 6 students ignited and
created history following their
research into the significance of
an historic mosaic floor plaque,
its disappearance and their persuasiveness in
having it replaced.
Thanks to their enquiring minds,
these students presented an amazing gift
to the whole school family when this historic
symbol was reinstated at a formal unveiling
ceremony in October.
Special guests included Foundation
Principal, Mr Cec Munns, Chairman of the
Board, Mr Mark Fenton and Board members,
Headmaster, Mr Peter Foster, the Senior
Leadership Team and the Year 6 students and
their teachers.
The reinstatement of the mosaic began
late in 2011, when the then Year 5A
students, as part of the upcoming
30th anniversary celebrations, researched
the aspects of symbolism that are part
of the College’s history.
“On a walk around the school one of our
teachers, Mrs MacNamara, spoke to us about
symbols at John Paul College and what they
meant,” said main investigator and Year 6
(2012) student, Emily Weissenberger.
“We learnt about the Eagle and the Tree
of Learning, and it was then that we learnt
of a floor plaque which was once located
in the Administration Building.
“It was a mosaic of the original John Paul
College logo and we asked our Headmaster, Mr
Foster, what had happened to it,” Emily said.
“Mr Foster didn’t know, but he wanted
to find out along with us,” she added.
Mr Munns, Mr Fenton, Year 5A teacher
Mr Sam Couche and Mrs MacNamara were
also all involved in the research behind the
missing mosaic and although no answers were
found as to its disappearance, Mr Munns was
certainly happy to assist the students with the
importance of the symbolic significance.
During his official address to discuss the
history of the plaque, Mr Munns said
“These young movers and shakers were
relentless in their research process which
led to the restoration of this mosaic,
a symbol which, for more than two decades,
had been so much a part of our College’s
tradition and ethos.”
“What impresses me most is that this lost
tradition remains in the collective memory
of our College family and the most remarkable
thing is that these Year 5 students of 2011
researched and resurrected a College tradition
which they, themselves, have never seen.
“It was then I realised that the main
beneficiaries in preserving and honouring a
fine College’s ethos are the students themselves
and I thank them for their wonderful
efforts in assisting with strengthening these
traditions,” Mr Munns said.
Although it is still unsure why the original
mosaic was removed, everyone is very happy
that this historic symbol of the College has
been reinstated.
The new mosaic was created and donated
by artist Toni Sokolov and contains in excess
of 19,500 tiles. Toni builds customised,
sculpted, unique landscapes and has worked
on projects in the city including a sculpture
in James Street and the Waterline Waterfront
development for Mirvac.
Each piece represents the uniqueness
of each member of the John Paul College
family – all of the pieces together bind
us in Unity, Christ and Learning.
The tradition of not walking across the
mosaic has already been reestablished with staff
and students walking around the mosaic whilst
taking a moment to reflect on the importance
of the community to which they belong.
Primary school
Enquiring minds unveil an historic
Year 6 students, Christine Chivers, Rachel Ward, Emily Weissenberger and Kyle George unveil the mosaic with Mr Foster, Mr Munns and Mr Fenton
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