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Cheer and Dance
super successful
at National Schools Competition
012 has been a hugely successful year for the John Paul College cheer
and dance teams.
Even though a lot of the focus this year was on our 30th Anniversary
Back In Time
extravaganza, the cheer and dance teams were still rehearsing
and honing their skills for the World Cup Cheer and Dance National Schools
competition held at the Boondall Entertainment Centre in September.
“There was an air of excitement and trepidation as we boarded the bus to take
the teams to the venue for the competition,” said cheer and dance co-ordinator,
Kylie Pocklington.
When we arrived, the teams focused
their energy and enthusiasm on their
routines and earned first places for
the Eclipse Pom, Eclipse Jazz, and
Senior Dance Freestyle Dance,
she said.
The JPC Eclipse team was awarded the 2012 National School Grand
Champion award for their Pom, Freestyle and Jazz routines as well as the overall
Dance Grand Champion.
The Primary and Senior cheer teams went out and stunted their hearts
out, bringing home further success with first places for the JPC Asteroids,
JPC Shooting Starz, JPC Nova Starz and JPC Supernovas.
The JPC Supernovas were awarded Grand Champion for Level 2 for their
cheer routine and were also awarded overall Cheer Grand Champion.
They also received an “At Large Bid” to the 2013/2014 World School
Cheerleading Championships in Florida, USA. Teams can only enter this
renowned international competition if they receive a bid.
Congratulations to all our teams on another successful competition season!
Cum Laude
for Outstanding Students
he Cum Laude Awards are an important
part of both our academic program and in
building a culture of personal best effort.
These awards recognise the excellent academic
achievement of our students in Semester 1 each
year. In 2012, 205 exceptional students were
presented with Cum Laude, Magna Cum Laude
and Summa Cum Laude awards at the 2012
Cum Laude Assembly in July.
In 2012, an additional recognition was made
when the Cum Laude Praestantia Award was
presented for the first time. This award was
introduced in 2012 as this was the first year
students had the opportunity to receive six Cum
Laude Awards since they were first instituted in
2007. The awards were presented to students
who achieved a Cum Laude award each year
from Year 7 to Year 12.
There were 11 students who received this
award and they included Seth Pickford, Aaliya
Doolabh, Brittney Finlayson, Meera Gandhi,
Alicia Kent, Daniel Kooymans, Su Ji Lee, Zeenat
Omar, Amanda Spillane, Stephanie Tang and
Christine Tromp.
The Cum Laude Praestantia Award for
Seth Pickford was even more significant
as he achieved six Summa Cum Laude
(the highest and most prestigious) awards
in this time.
These students will be honoured by having
their names placed on a Praestantia Honours
Board that will be proudly displayed in the
Gorman Centre.
Seth Pickford receives his Cum Laude Praestantia Award
Nova Starrz strike a pose
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