John Paul International College Brochure - page 9

All activities, lessons and rehearsals are held in state-
of-the-art facilities that include classrooms, individual
rehearsal studios, an auditorium and a dance studio.
The core of the School of Performing Arts is the
tutorial program which offers, from Prep - Year 12 ,
the opportunity to participate in group and private
instrumental, vocal and dance lessons on a weekly
basis. This is supported by over 30 ensembles including
bands, choirs, dance and drama groups.
The School of Performing Arts has an international
reputation for the outstanding professionalism of
its productions and performances. The College’s
ensembles have contributed significantly to many
national and international events over the past two
Our comprehensive performance program is
dedicated to excellence. Through orchestras,
ensembles, rock bands, choirs, dance companies,
drama productions and visual arts, we nurture
talents, practise to perfection and create
unforgettable experiences for every student.
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