John Paul International College Brochure - page 6

High School Preparation
To Enter Year 7 - 11
Junior / Senior Secondary
Year 7 - 12
High School Preparation prepares students from
age 12 for entry into the Australian High School
system. Classes are held for five hours per day
from Monday to Friday. Students are taught
totally in English – not only language skills but
also Mathematics, Science and Business through
English. Our graduates are fully prepared to enter
mainstream academic classes with Australian
students from Year 7 to Year 12 (equivalent A levels).
Academic audits, regular online reporting and
communication with parents enables teachers to
work in partnership with the home. In this way, we
can keep parents informed of their child’s academic
“The teachers care about me so much and they try
to listen to what students say, even if our EngliSh
is not good.”
(Yunjeong HEO- South Korea)
CRICOS: 024286E
CRICOS: 082662E CRICOS: 004885C
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