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The PYP framework aims to develop inquiring,
knowledgeable and caring young people who think
independently, communicate openly and who are
principled, balanced and open-minded students in
learning and life.
In addition, all students from Year 4 onwards,
participate in the John Paul College Notebook
Computer Program and are supplied with their
own personal notebook computer, which they will
routinely use as a part of their day-to-day learning.
John Paul College Primary School is the first school
in Brisbane to be authorised by the International
Baccalaureate to run the Primary Years Programme
(PYP framework). This programme is designed for
students aged four to twelve, and focuses on total
growth and encompasses the social, physical,
emotional, cultural and academic development of
a young child, while recognising that each develops
at their own rate and pattern of growth.
The blend of the PYP and the Australian curriculum
gives priority to foundation skills, knowledge and
understanding in the context of a caring community.
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