John Paul International College Brochure - page 10

John Paul International College provides all
students with a secure, caring and nurturing family
lifestyle that assists with them living in Australia,
enabling them to grow and develop during their
time studying abroad.
Being in homestay enables students to participate
in Australian Homestay family activities. Living
with an Australian family can be an invaluable part
of an international student’s learning experience
in Australia, and enjoyable and rewarding for
Students are supplied with all meals, have their own
bedroom with study facilities, washing and ironing
facilities and transport (including car, bus and train)
to and from school for school activities and co-
All of our host families are thoroughly checked prior
to placement and are required to hold a current
Suitability Card (also known as the ‘Blue Card’) and
this is a Government requirement.
“I am really close to my homestay mom.
She’s like a real family and she cares for me.
It seems like there is not much difference
between Australians and Chinese.”
(Hong Rui WU - Xijiang China)
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