Like all children, your son or
daughter will face challenges
and make choices that will
shape and influence their life’s
journey. There will be moments
of anxiety, indecision and
even confusion. It is at these
times, you need to know that
the family values that are so
important to you at home,
are just as important to us
at school.
We know that self-esteem
and personal worth are the
foundation of a happy child
and success later in life. Our
pastoral care programs which
include the celebration of
individual achievement and
regular year-level retreats
and camps build resilience,
confidence and friendships,
and teach children respect
for self and for others.
School is not only a place for formal
learning, it is a place where friendships
are made, where life’s lessons are learned,
and like home, it is a place where values
create character in a developing child.
to grow