Today our community consists
of children from many different
Christian traditions beyond
those original three; and
together they learn and
worship, as they strive to
live out this commitment
to Christian Unity.
While the aim of ecumenism
is focused on the Christian
tradition alone, its practices of
acceptance and understanding
of the other are applied
naturally and easily to include
families of all faiths. So in this
way, ecumenism prepares our
students for life in a world
where religious tolerance and
mutual respect are essential
values for living in a
multicultural, multi-faith,
international environment.
John Paul College is a school
with a strong sense of community
and a proud sense of family.
Built by our community for
our community, our values are
defined in our school motto
Unity, Christ, Learning
remain as strong today as they
were when we first opened
in 1982.
As Queensland’s first ecumenical
school, we remain committed to
the goal of ecumenism to bring
about Christian Unity as echoed
in Jesus’ prayer to the Father,
that His followers ‘may all be
one’ (John 17:21).
In this ecumenical spirit, we
affirm the individuality of our
traditions as envisioned by
our Founding Fathers from
the local Anglican, Uniting and
Roman Catholic parishes; we
acknowledge our differences;
and we rejoice in our efforts to
understand each other’s beliefs.
to belong
Unity, Christ, Learning