As their teachers and guides
on that journey, we hope the
knowledge they have gained,
while with us, endures a
lifetime. Confident, committed
and compassionate members
of a global community, they
will always be a part of our
family long after school has
become a distant memory.
But what of tomorrow?
Our students are destined
for successful careers and we
trust they will find their own
special place in the world.
Their first step may be university,
TAFE or the workforce, but
whichever road they travel, our
interest in their progress remains.
It is with great pride that we see
almost 100% of our graduates
advancing towards their chosen
careers within three months
of graduating.
When we say our farewells,
it is with pride, knowing
that we have prepared our
students well, ready to meet
the challenges of work and
life in the real world. We trust
for life
that each and every one will
find personal happiness and
professional fulfilment in
every aspect of their life.
As a student’s journey through John Paul
College comes to an end, a new journey
begins, into a tomorrow filled with
excitement, promise and adventure.