All College learning programs
are supported by the latest
digital online resources.
These are easily accessible at
school, via our campus-wide
wireless network, and from
home, via our internet portal,
Staff and students
have unlimited capacity to
communicate, collaborate and
explore via
means that access to learning
does not stop at the end of
the school day.
Technology breaks down the
walls of our classrooms for
parents, who also have access
to this sophisticated online
completes our ‘connected
learning community’ and
encourages continuous
communication between
the College and our parents,
reinforcing the sense of
partnership and family which
are so important to us.
We have long recognised the value
of technology in the learning process.
Technology not only helps develop creativity
and logical and lateral thinking in a child; its
use also plays a vital role in developing digital
and information literacy skills that are essential
for life, learning and future employment in
a digital age. This is why our students from
Years 4–12 routinely use personal notebook
computers as part of their daily life at school.
It is also why the classrooms of our
Kindergarten through to Year 3 students
are equipped with desktop computers and
interactive whiteboards to introduce our
youngest learners to the digital world
under the supervision of their teachers.
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