John Paul International College - PATHWAY PROGRAMS - page 11

Student Guardian Visa (S580)
CRICOS: 00500B
Student Guardian Visa
allows the holder to:
live in Australia
for the same length of time as the student
for whom they are guardian, or until the student turns 18
years of age;
bring dependent children to Australia
, but only if they are
under six years of age and meet specific eligibility
requirements; and
study in Australia for up to three months
(any more than
three months, the guardian must apply for their own student
• The
Course has been popular with parents who
have the opportunity to accompany their child for the duration of their studies in
Australia on the
• The guardian can be a parent, grand parent or other blood relative (
over 21
years of age
) as outlined on the Department of Immigration and Border
Protection (DIBP) website
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