Homework and Tutorials Term 1 - 2013

As a school we pride ourselves that we have a holistic, connected, dynamic and innovative learning community. Central to this vision is our commitment to provide young people with quality learning in our classrooms. Engaging teaching and a commitment to academic learning by our students is a major goal for this year. Support from home in our efforts to help our students learn is greatly appreciated. Therefore if you have any issues relating to this focus please contact your child’s Pastoral Care Teacher, Classroom Teacher, Head of Year or Head of School. We are all available to talk and we will work together to achieve better outcomes for your sons and daughters.

Senior School

Study Support Information Term 1 2013

International College

At John Paul International, we also provides Supervised Study Classes after school hours. Supervised Study will begin at 3.20pm and end at 4.20pm every Tuesday in Crockett 3 and every Wednesday in Commerce 5. A teacher will be present at the session to mentor students. I would encourage all students to take this opportunity to receive further support in their studies.