Welcome Shenzhen Nanshan Bilingual School

Week 1 Blog

John Paul International College and John Paul College are proud to welcome the return of the students and teachers from Shenzhen Nanshan Bilingual School to the Study Abroad program.

The students arrived safely at Brisbane International Airport on Sunday 14 April and were very happy to meet their new Homestay families.

On Tuesday, the Shenzhen students gave a wonderful performance of Chinese songs, dancing, music and martial arts in the Stephen Bean Theatre at John Paul College for Headmaster, Mr Peter Foster, Deputy Headmaster, Mr Norm Kerley, Head of Middle School, Mr Mark Zeitsch, Head of Primary School, Mr Andy Gordon, JPIC Manager of Education and Administration, Mr Michael Bos, Shenzhen Nanshan Bilingual School Principal, Mr Qui, John Paul College Year 4 and Year 6 students and staff.

The students have commenced their JPC Integration classes, experiencing Maths, English, P.E., Spanish, Art and Music as well as making new Australian friends. In Australian Culture classes, they have made posters about themselves, done craft activities and looked at Australian money and shopping. The Australian Culture teachers are: Ms Susan Burton (Shenzhen A) and Mrs Sue Tavares (Shenzhen B).

On Friday, 19 April, we will visit Southbank Parklands and the Queensland Museum for a fantastic sightseeing experience of Brisbane City.

Once again, John Paul International College and John Paul College welcome the return of our friends from Shenzhen Nanshan Bilingual School and look forward to experiencing our exciting Study Abroad program. ​​​​​​​​​​​

Week 3

Week 3 – the sun continues to shine – we are so lucky to have such warm days at this time of year! Great for getting outside and playing football, chatting with our JPC Australian friends and learning how to make “nature collages”. The Australian sun is so strong – we have to remember to wear our hats every day. This week the Shenzhen students have enjoyed making a favourite Australian treat, “chocolate crackles”. They were delicious. We also learnt how the kangaroo got its tail and how the birds got their colours (Indigenous stories). This week’s excursion to the Gold Coast’s famous theme park, Dreamworld, will give us a chance to see some rare white tigers, ride some exciting rollercoasters and say hello to the friendly Madagascar and Shrek characters.

Week 5

Week 5 of the Study Abroad program already! This week the students made another traditional Australian food - lamingtons. What can you make with cardboard, a circle and lots of wool? Beautiful, multicolored pompoms. We enjoyed games and activities in the library again and learnt a song called "Waltzing Matilda". We are practising our play "Wombat Stew" to perform next week. On Friday we will visit the Gold Coast to play on the beach and in the park. The weather has turned cool but we are still having a great time.

Week 6

The students this week have learned a little more about Indigenous Australian paintings, symbols and culture. They were excited to make their own boomerangs and decorated them with traditional Indigenous symbols. Once decorated, the students had a lot of fun taking them out to the oval, throwing them and watching them come back! The students were also able to play a Didgeridoo and did dot paintings of a koala, kangaroo and platypus. In our cooking class, we created an Icing Face Biscuit. Delicious! We are visiting Movie World on Friday and look forward to meeting some famous movie characters such as Batman, Bugs Bunny and Scooby-Doo. The students will go on some exciting rollercoasters and watch an awesome stunt show.

Week 7 Final Week JPC Integration Goodbye

We can’t believe we have to say goodbye to our wonderful JPC friends in Year 4 and Year 6. We have really enjoyed being in the classroom, doing P.E., Spanish, Music, Art, English, Spelling and Maths. We are happy to share a cupcake and fruit with our buddies, get them to sign our new JPIC pencil case and know we have created some wonderful memories of our time in Australia. Study Abroad is an awesome program that lets us experience new friendships and learning, Australian culture and exciting activities, the Homestay experience, as well as memories of an amazing time at John Paul College. We will always be part of the John Paul Family. Thank You JPC!