Visa students achieve at Cum Laude Awards 2016

The John Paul College Cum Laude and Pro-Diligentia Award Ceremony is a great celebration of academic rigour, determination and diligence and one of the premier annual events on the school calendar. At the Awards Ceremony we acknowledge and celebrate the excellent academic achievements and success of the students in all aspects of the holistic educational experience offered to them at John Paul College.

2016 has been no exception, and the many international visa students who received Awards should be very proud.

This year, our international students performed very well with more than 24% achieving Manga Cum Laude (the second highest Award) in Year 11 aand Year 12.

Congratulations to all students who received Awards.

Manga Cum Laude with high praise, GPA from 12.5 to 13.0
ZiZHao (Tony) ZHANG Year 11 China
Yuki SASAKI Year 12 Japan
Hoi Lam (Amelia) Ng Year 8 Macau
Hsin Tzu (Esther) LIU Year 11 Taiwan
Seohyun YOON Year 12 South Korea
Denys KOVTUN Year 12 Ukraine
Rostyslav SYSENKO Year 9 Ukraine