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Year started at JPIC:2012
Level English: 4
Year started at JPC: 2013
The University College London (UCL)
Bachelor of Medicine
The State final of the Australian National Titration Competition
Year 12 Summa Cum Laude Award (the highest Academic Award)
Year 12 Academic Honours
Year 12 Chinese Extension Prize
Year 11 Cum Laude Award
Year 11 Academic Honours

At home, I was not a very good student, but just a moderate one. English was the worst of all my subjects, and I didn’t have any talent in art. I basically gave up all the school activities and programs related to painting.

After coming to JPC, I found here a very interesting curriculum. In the English learning process, we would connect the things we learn with our real life. For example, we learned a lot of ancient myths and legends in English, but unlike the examination in China, ours had nothing to do with word translation. In Australia, teachers might ask us to change this myth into a modern fairy tale according to our own understanding; draw the plots out, dub it and finally make it a video. These examination and assessment settings are diverse and interesting and they are helpful for developing my practical and thinking ability.

In addition, the courses in our school are more practical. Taking Chemistry, for example, we must learn organic chemistry and functional groups at home and abroad. In China, this knowledge is dull and boring, while in JPC teachers test our understanding of organic chemistry through a paper. The teacher will give us an actual case, for example, a headache sufferer is allergic to aspirin. We need to recommend him another alternative painkiller. In this paper, we need to look up some information, study the chemical properties of aspirin and the other painkiller, get to know its functional groups and understand what role each functional group plays. At last we write a paper about 6000 words and rewrite it into an eight minute speech to speak in class. These unique courses and assignments have all cultivated my ability of self-learning and knowledge application.

The most important thing I want to say is that JPC trains my independent learning ability. In fact, a lot of parents who want their children to study abroad ask me the same question - if studying abroad needs a strong self-care ability of living. My answer is NO. The best habit I developed in JPC is the self-care ability of learning. Because Australia's unique curriculum design and democratic teaching management, I need to arrange my own study time, do the research on my own and find a teacher to solve the problem I don’t know. In the learning process I also need to manage myself and study actively. The study at JPC made me become a true independent person and also inspired my learning interest and motivation.

I would like to thank my school John Paul College for offering me so many learning opportunities; and thank my parents for sending me to JPC at the sacrifice of themselves.