Message from Manager, Education and Administration Term 2 - 2013

This term we have welcomed a wide variety of students to the International College. We have welcomed new, long-term, high-school preparation students; study tour students; study abroad students; and prize-winning, scholarship students. The students have come from China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Indonesia and Thailand. We are pleased to have such a diversity of cultures and backgrounds at the College, learning together and welcome all new students to the College.

We welcome the return visit of Shenzhen Nanshan Bilingual School. This is their second visit to our school and we look forward to continued visits for many years to come. This term, there are 37 students and 4 staff, fully immersing themselves in the JPC and Australia experience. They will study English at JPIC, integrate into JPC, live with Australian families, visit Australian theme parks and famous places, and have new experiences. We are pleased to be part of this great opportunity not only for Shenzhen but for JPC, too. JPC staff and students will learn more about Chinese people, their culture, language and way of life. This mutual exchange will help us all to be better global citizens with a truly international perspective.

We are also very pleased to welcome the Deteksi group. These four students are prize-winning, scholarship students from Indonesia. They have achieved well and now have the experience of a life-time at JPIC and QUT. They will be immersed in Australian culture through lessons, homestay and excursions. We hope to welcome more students like this in the near future.

We would like to thank all homestay families. We thank you for opening your homes and giving each student unique, Australian, cultural experiences. We thank you for your continued support of grooming, uniform standards and our guidelines for mutual respect. We look forward to the shared experience over the term. Once again, a warm welcome to Term 2 as we look forward to sharing in successful internationalisation, acculturation and academic results.