JPC Primary Class visits JPIC

JPC Primary class 4E visited the JPIC Level 1 / 2 class to listen to our PowerPoints and then Level 1 / 2 listened to the 4E students’ presentations. We have included some comments from the students and photos.

This morning Grade 4E from JPC Primary came to our class.

We told them our presentation about Australian Aboriginal people. And they are very cute and they said I was really good. I felt very good. They showed me about their presentation, their presentation was about a country. Their speaking was very good. Anderson Yu

It was great and they were friendly, and it was very good. I felt good because they were smiling. I read my palm cards so they were happy. I saw their PowerPoint. They were very good at PowerPoint. Min Sun Shin

I told them about cockatoos. They listened to my PowerPoint presentation. Also I felt very excited because Grade 4 E children were very cute. Mike Lee

I showed my PowerPoint about echidnas. They showed me about their PPT about people. I felt happy and good because the children were cute and asked many questions. It made me feel good. Tom Shim

We showed them our PowerPoint presentations about animals and Australian Aborigines and they showed us their PowerPoints. We enjoyed it and we had fun. I was really happy. They are so cute and very friendly. I love them because they asked me some questions. They were so nice. They always were smiling and me too. I love them. Mia Nguyen

It was great because they were friendly. My presentation animal’s name was Frilled Lizards. They show me New Zealand Aboriginal people. I felt it was really fun and great because they were smiling and friendly. They are fun and cute students. Sangsu An

The children from Grade 4E were very friendly. I met a little girl. She was very funny. She was from Korea. They showed us their PowerPoint about old people and I showed them my PowerPoint about koalas. I felt happy because I met a lot of little friends. They spoke very fast and were very cute and interesting. I met a little boy from my country, so we spoke Vietnamese and I really liked him. Outside I met a lot of children from Australia. They were very cute and smiled at me. I think I liked them when I first saw them. I would really like to meet them again. Ann Nguyen

We showed our presentation with a PowerPoint about animals and Australian Aborigines. I showed my presentation then they showed their presentation too! I felt glad they listened to my presentation and their presentations were very good. They listened properly to my presentation and their presentations had lots of slides, pictures, and sentences. Misa Maeda

We showed our PowerPoints about Australian Aboriginals and animals. I felt happy because they were cute and friendly. Also their presentations were very interesting. I had lots of fun with Grade 4E students. I really enjoyed the time and it was good to meet the students. I want to go to the 4E classroom someday. Thank you very much. Yuki Sasaki

I showed my PowerPoint presentation to them. I showed my Australia animals. They showed me different countries. What impressed me most were the Romans. We really enjoyed it. It was great fun, because they were smiling and friendly, especially when they spoke. I think it’s good to meet the students. Tom is so cute he said he wanted to go to their class! Joy Ou