Congratulations to Visa Students for Outstanding Success at Speech Night 2012

From the Director - Russell Welch

Congratulations to our many International Visa Students who received awards at Speech Night. So many of our JPIC
graduates and direct-entry students proudly received a total of 35 prizes between them. This is a great achievement,
as most are studying in a new country, in a language other than their mother tongue and without family…
therefore an even greater achievement! The following students from Year 12 received major prizes.

The Foundation Teachers’ Prize
The Rob Marr Cup
Year 12 Academic Honours, IB Mathematics Prize, IB Experimental Sciences Prize

Sumin Jang
Sumin Jang from Korea, JPIC 2008, started at our second lowest level (Level 2).  She has been offered a place from one of the top universities in the world, the University of South Korea (Bachelor of Science / Pharmacy).
The KH Farmer Memorial Award
Year 12 Academic Honours

Kevin Yu
Kevin Yu from Korea, JPIC 2010: the most improved student in academic performance and general attitude. Will study Aviation / Space Science in Sydney.
The Robinson Prize for Mathematics C
The Enright Prize for Physics
Year 12 Academic Honours

Alex Hung
Alex Hung entered JPIC 2009, starting in Level 3 English.
Plans to study Engineering in Melbourne.
The Darnley Prize for Chemistry
Year 12 Academic Honours

Maya Furmanovsky
Maya from Japan, will go back to Japan and would like to study at one of the top Universities in Tokyo.
Following in the foot-steps of the Year 12’s success, these students also received major prizes.
Applied Design Prize
German Prize, Science Prize, Visual Arts Prize
Year 8 Academic Honours

Via Lim
Via Lim from Korea, JPIC 2010, Primary Preparation Course
IB Mathematics Prize, IB Experimental Sciences Prize
Year 11 Academic Honours
Moses Lee
Moses from Hong Kong, JPIC 2009, Level 4: the most improved student in academic performance and general attitude.
English for ESL Learners                         Mathematics C
Year 11 Academic Honours                   Academic Honours                        Academic Honours

     Sophie ZHONG
       Hong Kong

Angus LI
Hong Kong
 Japanese Prize                       Chinese Prize / Graphics Prize

Elise Eum
South Korea

                                      Eric Wu
                                   Hong Kong