From the Manager, Education Administration

Term 2 has been a busy one at JPIC. We have welcomed groups from abroad, integrated with events at John Paul College and remained busy with the daily activities of JPIC.

This term, we have seen a few different groups come through the International College. Groups from China, Japan and Indonesia have shared in College life, integrating into JPIC, JPC classes and homestay families. We extend our gratitude to the many homestay families involved in accommodating these groups and, ultimately, enhancing their experience of Australia. Without the great work done by homestay families, we would not have met the same success.

JPIC students have been actively involved in JPC events. With Mayfair and the 96.5 visit, our students have all tasted Australian culture in a new way. These have provided great insight into JPC College life for our students and opportunities to meet with JPC students. JPIC students have also been a part of the College-wide Positive Education programme. This has been a great way to further enhance individual potential through helping students become aware of how they can help themselves and others. Our students have adopted the programme and the SOARING tree model as JPIC teachers have taught, embedded and lived these positive outcomes. We hope this positively prepares them for their lives at JPC.

JPIC students have also achieved well this term. At the JPIC Assemblies in Week 3 and Week 7, a number of merit certificates were given to students succeeding in their studies at JPIC and achievement in other areas of the College. I was pleased to see so many recipients and look forward to their further success at JPC.

At the recent JPIC assembly, Senior Constable Kelly from Springwood Police was invited to present to our students. Constable Kelly was able to help our students understand some of the laws in Australia and their relevance to international students. He fielded lots of questions and was very helpful in explaining their responsibilities.

As we approach the end of term, I would like to encourage all to review the Guidelines for Mutual Respect and the expectations of our College. These expectations can only be maintained if we all work together to uphold the school’s reputation. As our student population at the International College turns over more frequently than JPC, we need to constantly inform and remind students of our expectations. Could I ask parents and homestay parents to continue to support our efforts in this regard?

We look forward to the arrival of more new students and groups in Term 3.

Enjoy the break and be safe.

Michael Bos
Manager, JPIC