Exchange Program

Information about John Paul International College: Study Abroad and Study Tour

John Paul College prides itself on preparing young men and women for life in a global community and the overseas student exchange program contributes greatly to this goal. John Paul College hosts from and sends students to many countries around the world. The exchange program offers educational and cultural benefits to students and our community as a whole. Our aim is to provide educational enrichment for visiting students by helping them to develop their language skills and introducing them to a different educational philosophy, environment and curriculum.


Through our exchange and tour programs we also seek to develop intercultural awareness and understanding among students in our own school environment, and to promote international understanding and cooperation throughout the school and wider community.

This year we have had the pleasure of welcoming several exchange students to our College. Kaito Hashimoto and Shiori Tokunaga came from Hachioji School in Tokyo and Alicia Krentz, Rebecca Lemanzyk and Hannah Roemer, came to us from the Ursulinenschule Hersel in Bonn, Germany

As year long exchange students, Kaito and Shiori will be with us until the end of Term 1 in 2013, but our German students return home to Germany, having spent five months in Australia.

Several of our students are about to embark on their own exchange experiences. Having successfully completed formal applications and interviews, these students have been deemed to be worthy ambassadors of the College and will depart at the end of term to spend their Christmas holidays with our sister schools in Japan and Germany.