College on short list to win water saver prize

In just five years, John Paul College has reduced its water usage by about 75 percent while at the same time building an aquatic center and a new sports oval.

The project has earned the school a spot on the short list for two Healthy Waterways awards.

Lucas Gilroy, property manager and the brains behind the school's sustainability transformation, has been shortlisted as a water ways mentor and the school overall has been shortlisted for a susbtainable education award.

"In 2007, we wanted to do two things at opposite ends of the scale so we had to put our thinking caps on" Mr Gilroy said.

" We used the measure monitor, manage mantra and built a tak farm so we now have 700,000 litres of water storage on nine tank farms as well as our main pond."

The school's water system has been completely transformed with saving water in mind, angling ovals so they hold water instead of flooding, to choosing plants that do not require watering.

The result has been reducing the water usage from 88 million litres a year to just 17 million at its lowest

Mr Gilroy's pride and joy is his pond, which is now a breeding ground for native fish such as silver perch and redclaw which feed back into the natural creek system around Logan