Academic Results 2016

We congratulate the graduating Senior students of 2016, who achieved outstanding academic results in both the OP and International Baccalaureate pathways. Thirteen (13) students achieved at OP 1 level, including five (5) international students.

In particular, we congratulate five students who were ranked in the top one percent of the state:

  • Meng Chun (Andrew) LEE (Malaysia)
  • Seohuyn YOON (South Korea)
  • Ju Yeon (Ellie) LEE (South Korea)
  • Kana FUJII (Japan)
  • Denys KOVTUN (Ukraine)

This is an outstanding result and indicates that we, as a College, continue to strengthen our academic reputation for rigour and the pursuit of excellence by each of our students.

Over 23% of our international students cohort achieved an OP score between 1 and 5. While 99% of the international cohort received a University offer in the first round.