Frequently Asked Questions

What documents do I need to apply?

The Enrolment pack can be found on the John Paul International College website. Please complete the application form and medical form, along with the Homestay request form if you require homestay. Then forward it to the International Admissions Manager at along with certified/notarised copies of all results in English, for the past two years. If you have an English Language Proficiency report please send that also. If you do not have an English Language report you will be issued a Provisional Offer with English language study first.

How do I accept the offer?

If your application meets the requirements, you will be sent a Provisional Offer (PO) and Written Agreement. The PO outlines the amount of fees that will need to be paid in order to accept the place offered to you.

Do I have to sit for an English test before coming to Australia?

No you don't. You will sit an English Language Placement test on arrival.

How can I pay the application fee?

Bank transfer, cash, cheque & credit card. (details are on the bottom of the Enrolment Procedures document).

What forms do I need to complete to enrol my student?

John Paul International College application form, medical form and homestay form (if a student is staying with homestay)

What is the youngest age I can commence at the International College?

The youngest age is 8 ½ or Year 4

What level of English do I need to reach before I can move to John Paul College?


  • Primary School entry requires 20 weeks International Primary Preparation Course
  • There are 5 levels of English for High School Preparation Program.
  • To enter Years 7or 8 you must reach Level 4
  • To enter Years 9, 10 or 11 you must reach Level 5


What happens if my Provisional Offer is for 20 weeks English and I am only at Level 1?

If after you have sat your placement test you are only at Level 1 or 2 or 3, your CoE will be extended and your entry date into John Paul College will be deferred.

What happens if my Provisional Offer is for 20 weeks English and my English level is high enough for John Paul College.

If your placement test results indicate that you are at a high enough level and are eligible for John Paul College, your English Language study CoE will be cancelled and you will be moved directly to whichever John Paul College class is suitable for you.

What if I am too old to enter Senior School?

If you have completed Yr 11, you can enrol in our Cert IV in ATP.

What fees will I have to pay before enrolment? ‎

To accept enrolment you will need to pay:

Description Fee
Application Fee1 A$300
Course Levy (per year) A$600
English Language Test Fee A$450
Airport Pickup (if required) A$200
Homestay Placement fee (if required) A$200
Homestay Fees 6 months in advance(if required) A$6850
PRIMARY (Prep to Years 6) Tuition Fees A$7500
OR HIGH SCHOOL (Years 7 - 12) Tuition Fees A$9000
Overseas Health Cover
All Students on Student Visa are required to have Overseas Health Cover for the duration of their visa.
Rates can be found

How often do I have to pay my fees?

Invoices are sent out at the end of each year, usually in October, for the year’s fees. The first half of fees are due in December and then the balance in January. Homestay fees are charged at the beginning of each term.

If I am on a Student Visa do I have to attend class every day and make sure my fees are paid?

It is a visa requirement for students on a Student Visa to keep their attendance above 80%. If your attendance drops below 80% the College will advise DIBP, which will result in your enrolment being cancelled and possible cancellation of your visa. If your fees are not kept up to date, John Paul College, as per the Written Agreement, has the right to cancel your enrolment.

What happens if my enrolment is cancelled?

If the College cancels your enrolment and you have not enrolled elsewhere, you risk having your visa cancelled by DIAC. To stay enrolled at John Paul College, you need to comply by its rules. These rules will include keeping attendance above 80% and paying the fees that are stated in your Written Agreement.