Choosing the right school for your child is difficult and there are many schools and many pathways from which to choose. No matter what a school may offer; if the level of pastoral care is lacking, it may not be a suitable environment for international students.

John Paul College is structured in a way that provides a high level of Pastoral Care for its students, giving the individual care and support that students need for their growth and development. Sensitivity to the needs of the individual student is integral to their performance academically, and to their personal growth and development. This underlying principle forms the basis of the philosophy of Pastoral Care at John Paul College. This also creates a bridge between the school and the parents, by regular communications with parents. Director of John Paul International College, Mr Russell Welch said that, “an important component to helping our international students to succeed is the communication between the College and the parents.”

Thus, Pastoral Care at John Paul College is regarded as part of every teacher’s daily interaction with students. This involves setting up a warm and accepting environment in which children feel safe and happy, which in turn also helps them overcome culture shock and homesickness. It involves modelling appropriate behaviour and attitudes, and encouraging increasingly mature and responsible personal and social growth in students. Cognitive development takes place within this framework.

International students who enrol at JPIC for 20-30 weeks English preparation have the advantage of learning new study habits and being very well positioned to speak to school counsellors. By completing Year 11 and 12 in Australia, this can set the student up to do their university study anywhere in the world. John Paul College continues to strive for academic excellence and helps each student achieve their goals and excel in their chosen pathway.

The College’s graduating Senior class of 2011 earned strong academic results in both the OP and International Baccalaureate pathways, receiving a total of ten OP 1’s or equivalent, seven from the OP pathway and three from the International Baccalaureate Programme. Four international students topped the school again academically, receiving the top score, and also the equivalent of an OP1. Three of the four students are now studying at the University of Melbourne and Hong Kong University, respectively. Another highlight is that 27% of the 2011 cohort received an OP 1-7.

2012 is shaping up to be a great year for John Paul College in the Year of the Dragon as the College has a double celebration. John Paul College celebrates its 30th birthday this year and John Paul International College celebrates its 15th birthday.

John Paul College is Queensland’s largest independent school providing education to 2,100 Child Care, Kindergarten to Year 12 students. Located on Brisbane’s southern outskirts, half way between the CBD and the Gold Coast, our campus covers 30 hectares of magnificent grounds with state-of-the-art facilities, including the multi-million dollar Gorman Centre for Senior students, campus-wide wireless internet, and a modern Aquatic Centre.

John Paul College is a progressive and dynamic co-educational school, with a strong sense of community and a proud sense of family. The College focuses on mutual respect and provides students with the freedom to grow as individuals. The College is widely acclaimed for its technology program and is a world leader in the integration of information and learning technologies into the curriculum. The College boasts unique services, such as 24 hour campus security and an after-hours emergency student hotline to ensure that international students are safe and enjoy their time in Australia.