Homestay Program


Living in our Australian Homestay is a unique and enriching experience.

In partnership with the College, Homestay parents support the academic and co-curricular commitments of the students. Our Homestay families offer more than just board and lodging. They open their hearts and their homes to overseas students, offering them a ‘home away from home’.

All of our host families are thoroughly checked prior to placement and are required to hold a current Suitability Card (also known as the ‘Blue Card’), which is a Government requirement. A family without a Blue Card will not be matched with a student.

The most important aspect of Homestay is that the students are treated as a participating family member. This has shown to help improve a student’s English and reduce homesickness.  Homestay can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone.

Students are supplied with three meals a day, have their own bedroom with study facilities, washing and ironing facilities and transport (including car, bus and train) to and from school for school activities and co-curricular.

For students requiring a Letter of Welfare and Accommodation to assist with their Visa application, our approved homestay program is the recommended option. Parents who prefer students to live with a close blood relative or family friend must provide written consent in the first instance. Such people must be of good character and over the age of 21. (see Department of Immigration and Border Protection website for details).  In such cases, these people must provide any Welfare documentation for the Visa application process.​