Homestay Fees

All fees are quoted in Australian Dollars, are current at the time of printing and may be subject to change. If the tuition fees are increased you will be required to pay the new fees as they are introduced.

Description Fee
Homestay Fee (per term) 1 A$3875
Homestay Placement (non refundable) A$320
Homestay Relocation Fee (per move)2 A$320

Anticipated Expenses on Arrival in Australia

Description Fee
Airport Meet (per student) 3 A$220
Uniform (approx: 2 sets of uniforms) A$500
Textbook JPIC (will vary per class level) A$50 - A$150

  1. Payment covers 50 weeks homestay per year. The two weeks over Christmas must be paid directly by students if they are in residence. Homestay payment must be received before the first day of each term. A late fee of $50 per week may be charged on any balances owing after the first week of term.
  2. Less than four weeks' written notice, or if a placement has been made, a cancellation charge equal to two weeks' accommodation fees will apply.
  3. No refund will be made if the student fails to notify the College of their flight details or any change of details two working days before arrival.

For full details about fee please visit OUR FEE SCHEDULE