Frequently Asked Questions

Can I live with a family friend if I am under 18?

Yes, but they will need to be approved by the College and they will need to join our Homestay Program.

Does a student have their own bedroom?

Yes, all students studying at John Paul College and living in homestay accommodation have their own bedroom which should include a good quality bed and all bedding, a wardrobe, a desk, a study light and a small table or drawers for personal belongings. A bathroom is normally shared with other family members.

Does a student receive three meals each day?

Yes, homestay families provide three meals each day, seven days a week. Breakfast and school lunches are either prepared by the homestay or by the students themselves. Dinner is prepared by the homestay family. On weekends, some students go out with their friends, when a student is away from the homestay with their friends, all meals are purchased at the student's expense.

Does a homestay family have internet?

Internet is expensive in Australia but it is essential for John Paul College students to have internet access for use with their Notebook computers. This is a requirement for their study and not for playing computer games. All homestay families should have internet facilities or organise for the student to purchase a mobile broadband internet connection. Students may be asked to contribute to the cost of the homestay's internet or to purchase their own mobile broadband wireless connection.

Can a student go out with friends on weekends?

Yes, a student can go out with friends during the weekend. Students should advise the homestay family of where they are going and who they are going with and are responsible for any expenses while they are away from the homestay. It is also the homestay family's responsibility to know where the students are going and who they are going with to ensure that the student is safe at all times.

Does a student pay homestay fees if they return home for a holiday period?

Yes, homestay fees continue to be paid to the homestay family if the student returns home for a holiday period. Homestay fees are paid for 50 weeks of the year, not including the last week and first week of the year. If a student is at the homestay during this period a payment needs to be paid direct to the homestay family from the student or their parents.

Is there an emergency number available for students after school hours?

Yes, all John Paul College International Students have an after-hours Student Assistance Line – 1800 024 157 which they can call if they are feeling unsafe. In an after-hours Emergency homestay parents can contact John Paul College Security on (07) 3826 3338 who will then contact the relevant member of JPC/JPIC staff.

Do all homestay families require a Police Check?

Yes, to ensure the safety of a student within a homestay family, all persons over the age of 18 years of age and living in the homestay home MUST undergo Police checks and, once confirmed as suitable, are issued with a "Blue Card" by the Queensland State Government, the Queensland Public Safety Business Agency.