Accommodation Overview

John Paul International College provides all students with a secure, caring and nurturing family lifestyle that assists with living in Australia, enabling them to grow and develop during their time studying abroad. Being in homestay enables students to participate in Australian Homestay family activities, providing an opportunity for the development of life-long friendships.

Living with an Australian family can be an invaluable part of an international student’s learning experience in Australia, and enjoyable and rewarding for everyone.

Students can choose an authentic cultural experience by living with our Australian families. Homestay consists of a variety of family environments including married couples (with or without children). All families are police checked and inspected by our Accommodation Officer.

For students requiring a Letter of Welfare and Accommodation to assist with their visa application, our approved homestay program is the recommended option. Parents who prefer students to live with a close blood relative or family friend must provide written consent in the first instance. Such people must be of good character and over the age of 21. (see Department of Immigration and Border Protection website for details).

In such cases, these people must provide any Welfare documentation for the visa application process.​